Dorian Coney

Sole180 is proud to present Dorian Coney. He is a young 23 year old dancer and entrepreneur. Dorian's love for dance has brought him in front of hip hop greats that have helped form and shape his  training; BDash, Fresh Redding, Amanda Grind, Alex Fetbroth, Stevo Jones, Shaun Evarista, Brian Puspos, Bam Martin, Lyle Beniga just to name a few.


Dorian's passion for dance led him to step out in faith and has been instrumental in helping him land multiple contracts with local schools and day cares teaching hip hop dance to young kids and teenagers around Brevard County.


He has touched the lives of many as well as become a mentor for several youth in the community. Taking classes with Dorian will insure a great time full of fun all the while learning  the art and discipline in dance. He is currently a member of the Sole180 Production company and can be found performing in our  live shows and events.