Eldrin Shorts

Sole180 is proud to present one of our companies valued teacher & choreographer.

Eldrin's first dance experience came as a young kid copying choreography from music videos of top performers like Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. A native of Atlanta his passion for dance started from a very young age and eventually became more than just a hobby. Throughout high school Eldrin became an outstanding performer and quickly became a choreographer for students in the theater and dance program of his school.


Eldrin has had training from world famous hip hop choreographers such as, Shaun Evarista of Movement Lifestyle, Brian Puspos of Most Wanted Crew, Bam Martin of Most Wanted Crew, Lyle Beniga just to name a few . Eldrin has competed with Extreme AllStars and has placed 1st in the US and 2nd in the World for two years. He was a member of Funkywunks, a dance crew that won 1st in the World Championship under the leadership of Julie Johnson. He has made appearances on NBC’s Americas got Talent with the Funkywunks crew. Eldrin’s choreography was also recognize by MTV, and chosen to be  a part of their top 15 dancer in the Week Wraps Dancing with DNCE contest  where viewers voted him to the top 3.


Eldrin continues and strives to perfect his craft and stay innovative. His passion for dance has become a permanent motivator in his life. Now a days he is currently working as a member of Sole180 Productions as a teacher/ choreographer for up and coming Artistic events and venues.