Welcome to the S180 Contest! additional details are listed below, good luck!

- Contest will run from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month and the winner will be chosen within the first week of the following month.


- Create and post a video showcasing one of the chosen art forms (video must be 0:30 sec - 4:00 min in length.)


- MUST like Facebook page AND follow us on Instagram and Twitter to be eligible.


- MUST post video to YOUR own personal Youtube or Facebook page accompanied by the following hashtags 

   * #S180contest

   * #sole180

   * What ever your art form is + 180 

      (ex. #dance180, #music180, #poetry180 etc.) **Video submissions missing these hashtags will not be seen








Rules and Regulations
Acceptable Art form entries

- Dance piece - #dance180


- Singing, Rapping etc. - #music180


- Drawing/Painting (drawing submissions MUST be timelapsed) - #drawing180 / #painting180


- Poetry or Spoken word - #poetry180 / #spokenword180


- Acrobatics/ Tumbling / Tricking - #acro180 / #tumbling180 / #tricking180


- Theatre (Monologues/ Skits) - 



- Videography / Photography -

#video180 / #photo180 


- Abstract Submission - #abstract180

   *** In many ways Art is subjective and as such, we did not want to leave out Sculptors, Carpenters and other types of abstract artists, BUT understand that your submission may be subject to disqualification should your idea of an art submission be too far fetched. (ex. we will not accept videos of you drilling a table together,but creating an abstract visual i.e. using newspapers and chicken wire will be accepted). 

- MUST include a shout out to Sole180 within video as well as answer to Sole question of the month (ex. "hey whats up Sole180 this is Chris here, I will be performing a dance today and my greatest inspiration is _"blank"_). **This also applies to videographers filming skits.


- Sole180 shout out will not be taken into account for video length (must have intro shout out PLUS 30 sec - 1 min of performance time).


- *Sole180 shout out CAN be done within the same shot as performance, OR you may edit the intro shout out into the video. 


Contest Question 

for the Month of July!


- Here at Sole180 we believe that artistic inspiration, coupled with hard work and determination, is  a recipe for greatness. Before creating your contest video we would like you to take an introspective look into "Where would you like to see yourslf in 5 years?" ( tell YOUR story ).


At the introduction of your video be sure to give your Sole180 shout out as well as your answer to this question before performing your entry piece (example - "In 5 years I see myself blank.").

Question MUST be answered within video to be eligible.

***July Dance

Edition Notice!!!!

Dancers MAY submit old routine footage 

AS LONG AS it is re uploaded with the proper shout outs and hashtags. The choreographer must also be a FLA resident, Thank You and Good Luck!